Pangasinan (New Discovery)


Adapt peace of nature

Go up stares!!!!:)

Pangasinan is located on the western area of the island of Luzon along the Lingayen Gulf and South China Sea.  The name Pangasinan means “Land of Salt” or “Place of salt-making”.

This is the last time that my friends have been bonding a lot. So for me this is my unforgettable experience. This place is very natural because of too many trees that you can see and nothing has been occupied that caused by Illegal Lagging. Because people from our town is following the rules that no Illegal Lagging. Well my friends and I climb this hill until the top where you can find the big cross and you can see the beauty of town. At the down of this hill you can see the small falls where every summer too many tourists arrive here and feel the fresh water from hill. There is also a many build up resort here because they think and see that this place is like a paradise. This is really great because of natural view and I think this place is Eco tourism. It is very nice to climb and walk just to be on top of the mountain and you can see the true beauty of nature.

It’s been 8 months ago my friends and I never have been meeting again and never do this hope it will happen again.  This is very good at first. The air is fresh you can smell the breeze coming from the tree. From that day, when I am walking with my friends there is someone who touches my toe,  I ask my friend if he is the one who touches it but its not, I am scared that time, but when i look down there is a little crab around me. When I picked it clipped my finger so  I accidentally  drop it. I thought it is dead but its not.

 I heard a news that there is a new activity here the zip line adventure  and i wanna try it next time.

Way to go in hidden water falls


~ by maryjoymanaois41 on November 12, 2012.

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