The spirit of Christmas


For me the meaning of Christmas is very simple: love each other.

My Christmas experience is very complicated because it’s sad and happy. I spend my Christmas vacation just in the house with my family. It’s happy because we spend a lot of time and bonding with my siblings. I guest our Christmas day is sad because my mother is in hospital she take caring of my grandmother for the reason my grandmother is in critical condition. Then in the day before Christmas me, my two brothers and my father are surprise because mama is got home for Christmas. Then we go in the mall to buy ingredients then we collaborate to cook salad that’s my favorite and spaghetti favorite of my two brothers. Last year we just celebrate graciously in New Year but since my father is in duty in New Year we just celebrate more in Christmas. So my Christmas experience is amazing because the most important in Christmas is having a complete family and that’s the true symbol of Christmas. Last that we do is we around our province to see the different big star that also symbol Christmas also the recycled Christmas tree my province its very beautiful especially in the night and we go in the church for the good thinks that He giving on us. So that’s all of my Christmas experience it’s a little bit sad and happy for short mysterious:)


~ by maryjoymanaois41 on January 6, 2013.

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